Firm Overview

About Elmore Patent Law Group

Like so many of our clients, Elmore Patent Law Group (EPLG) is a disrupter. Carolyn Elmore founded the firm when she saw a way to deliver sophisticated patent law services more quickly and cost effectively than larger competitors.

EPLG opened its doors north of Boston in April 2003 and remains a 100% woman-owned firm. EPLG professionals bring passion and understanding to their legal work as scientists and creative thinkers themselves. Our team works collaboratively to guide both large and small clients along the journey from patent filing, to building a thriving business around the patent, to end-of-life patent issues.


The EPLG Advantage


Patent law is what we do. Our entire firm is dedicated solely to protecting intellectual property.


We’ve worked with some of the largest players in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as well as with solo inventors and start-ups with business-building discoveries. Our team is experienced in working with all domestic and foreign parties, from venture capitalists, other lawyers, and CEOS, to patent examiners and foreign associates.


We take time to dig deep to understand our clients’ capabilities, goals, and the competitive and regulatory environments in which they operate. Just as important, we bring our science and business backgrounds to our work to speak the same language and truly understand client innovations and their potential.


As a small firm focused on a single type of law, we can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities or fend off challenges quickly.


There is no such thing as a typical client for EPLG. We understand the challenges – and opportunities – of both start-ups and established businesses. We are equally comfortable working with a single inventor or the R&D division of a multi-national corporation.


We work so closely with clients they become our family. And, like any strong family, we celebrate their successes as if they were our own. We relish the close working relationship we share with clients and the role we play in helping support their business growth.

Clients We Work With